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New year, new things

Now it’s  a new year and on to bigger and better things. I’m not sure what that will be but there will  be something to catch my interest that I’ll get into. One of the daily emails I get said this was the year to learn a new jewelry making technique. Maybe this year I’ll get over my fear of open flames and learn how  to solder the copper and silver things I make. Something about a flame just freaks me out! That’s why I’ll never do lampwork (which is making glass beads sitting behind an open flame and manipulating glass while holding it in that flame.) That is something I just can’t see myself doing. I’ll keep doing the stringing and wire wrapping because those are things that I can do without much effort, mainly because I’ve done them many times. I have to keep reminding myself when learning something new that the  ease and comfort of doing the technique  comes with practice.

Another new thing I am going to focus on will be submitting articles/pictures to different places online and in print that showcase handmade jewelry. When I get things accepted and online, I’ll post them here so you can follow me in those places. It is a thrill to get an email stating that I’ll be in the next edition of Jewelry Making Journal.  In fact if you go to their page ( you’ll see my Steampunk Bee jewelry set. It’s the third entry in the Jewelry Making Journal. Go take a look and let me know what you think. If you’d like to own this set, check it out i my Shop at Just think, you  could be wearing a necklace featured in an online blog!