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Haven’t done much lately

I haven’t made much jewelry lately or posted anything here. Maybe it’s the season with all  kinds of other  things going on in my life. I’ve been working a bit with glass and made a nice plate and a cat picture. I’ve got an idea that has been stewing in the back of my head since June and that  is to create an urn for the ashes of the dog we lost to lung cancer. I have the frame for the urn and the pictures I want to use on the frame but  I don’t have the right color glass for the dog. I need to get to the glass store to look for that.

Recently  I got involved with genealogy. I have a good idea where my family comes from but once a person jumps into the ocean of genealogy, there are many people who suddenly are related to you in some way. Most of the people I found that I didn’t know about are long gone but it’s been interesting (and time consuming) to  look at them and their families. There  is one relative of mine (my grandmother’s second husband’s grandfather) who had 16 children (and only one wife!). Checking the background on that many children is time consuming and can be confusing. What I’ve found most confusing is that my ancestors had no imagination in chosing names. Girls are named Aganetha, Anganetha, Agatha, Agnes or Marie or Mary and boys are name Johann or John, Dietrich or Heinrich. And sometimes the same name was used twice in one family, just having different middle names. Or boys are named Heinrich Heinrich or Dietrich Heinrich and Heinrich Dietrich. Very confusing. But it’s been interesting to find so many people who I am related to in my past. I’m still trying to figure out how some of the people I know I’m related to fit into the whole scheme of things. Guess that’s part of learning about your own genealogy.

I’ll get back to creating jewelry and posting pictures in the next week or so. In the meantime, check my SHOP to see what is there.